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Tim J

After three different plumbing problems solved by Pipedreams what I liked was these guys responded to my phone calls, showed up on time and got the job done as promised.

You can't go wrong by calling Pipedreams!

Tim J.

Beth B

Pipedreams and their team are awesome! always there for you or a client, be it a small or large job. Thank you for your great service!

Mitchell, Steven and Sandra

Friendly, efficient, knowledgeable Definitely would call them for any of my plumbing needs.

Peggy M

I have been using Pipedreams Plumbing for at least 10 years. Steve is very reliable, dependable and competent. I won't call anyone else!

Charlette Epifanio

I've been using the services of PipeDreams plumbing for the past several years.

They have helped fix broken pipes, sewar blockages and installed new water heater and toilet. Great service. reliable, prompt.

Friendly and trustworthy. I …

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Joe T

Pipedreams Plumbing has been excellent. They have fast service, and the warranty is great. Both guys who came out to the place, I believe it was the owner the first time, who was awesome, they're all good people. I definitely would recommend them to anybody. They have been the only good people we've been working with in this condominium. They also take credit cards, while most places didn't so that's definitely a price point. I'm not really sure about plumbing, but they did seem a little bit more on the pricey side. I will say that when my dish washer took a dump the same day I was having them fix my water heater, they fixed it for free. They warranty all their work too, which is why we're getting into the business of having them do the work more often at the condominium.

S. N

Pipedreams Plumbing is awesome! Steve goes above and beyond the job every time he's here. His rates are reasonable, and he's great to work with. I dread the day the man retires!

Terri A

My experience with Pipedreams Plumbing was good. Steve was on time, he got here when he said he'd be here. He did the job. It was a little expensive, but plumbing in general is usually expensive. I really liked that Pipedreams is locally owned, it is important to me to use local people. I would use him again.


Thank you for your sense of urgency and excellent service!

D. F

I think Pipedreams Plumbing is wonderful. They do great work, and I recommend them all the time. I have three preschools, and I keep them on speed dial.

Rick B

We start off with a Saturday morning " All the plumbing is backing up " Pipe Dreams Plumbing came out fast. Fixed the problem and charged a VERY reasonable price. I would not hesitate to call again with any new problem. The other bonus is while my plumbing is being fixed, I got to play with OWEN the dog. Turned out to be a pretty good day after all.

Jan P

I like that they are punctual and come within the time frame given. Pipedreams Plumbing knows what they are doing. They work quickly and efficiently, and are pleasant people. They dont have to go somewhere to buy their parts because their truck seems to be stocked with the supplies they need. Steve has helped us with landscaping, toilets, and pool re-plumbing. I trust them in my home, without supervision.

Wendy T

Pipedreams Plumbing was good and Steve fixed a problem that a local plumber had taken loads of time on. He makes immediate appointments so you are not waiting. He is really good. I liked his other worker as well. He is straight forward and does a great job.

H. F

Installed 3 toilets as part of the counties free toilet program. Great customer service. Arrived on time. Spent the time to makes sure it was quality work. I'm happy to know I now have a good reliable plumber to call.

Stefani S

We have been client of Pipedreams Plumbing for 16 years and have been very pleased with all their work! We will continue to call them whenever we have a problem!

Lori J

I highly recommend Pipedreams to anyone in need of plumbing service.

Josh was not only prompt, but knowledgeable, professional and pleasant!

The fee was more than reasonable and I feel better knowing that help for

the ancient plumbing in my home is just a call away. Thanks guys!!

You're awesome!!!


Professional, prompt, good communication, always a good experience with Steven and crew.

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Martin T

My faucet was dripping, Pipedreams Plumbing came and installed a new cartridge. They were punctual, courteous, and cleaned up well.

Ross H

I was in a very tough situation when I called Pipedreams Plumbing. It was the end of the day when my pressure tank blew, and it allows water to be transferred from my well to the house. The guy was very resourceful, he was able to get a new pressure tank put outside of the supply company's store for pickup since he could not be there in time before they closed. He was able to get my house back online with water within three hours. It was a heroic effort.

Joyce G

Pipedreams Plumbing replaced my main water line and did a whole variety of other plumbing jobs in a house that I have just bought. It all turned out great. They were very responsive, considerate, and efficient workers.

Susan M

I found Pipedreams Plumbing on a list of people given by a water district and at first I wasn't sure how to approach and give them a call. I wanted to replace two toilets with low flow toilets. The owner, Steve, said that they are based in Santa Rosa and we live in Sonoma, which is a bit far. Steve was really nice and still sent us a plumber anyway. The plumber was really nice too and did a great job installing the toilets. While he was at it, he also took the time to look around for any other problems. He checked our plumbing and even recommended a better water heater for us.

Valerie T

This was our first time using Pipedreams Plumbing. They changed our toilets for us. The gentleman that came to see us was professional, courteous, and friendly. He offered advice about other things in our house too. The job was done efficiently and they cleaned up when they left. I highly recommend them.

Scott E

Out of the several local contractors we called, Pipedreams Plumbing were the only ones available and ready to go. We had an emergency where our water heater cord blew up and water went everywhere. We submitted the application so that the work could be done that same day. I've talked to other people who have had a similar experience with their heater and didn't get the same level of service. So far the heater looks good. Everyone that comes by to see it exclaim they're are impressed. I say keep their number close by. They usually put their name and phone number on a lot of the hardware they install. It's good to have it handy to know who to call!

Mike B

The owner Steve always keeps me current on times and availability, as well as current charges and where we stand. His employee Josh is the ultimate professional. He is on-time, explains what is going to be done with estimated time frames. When unexpected issues arise Josh explains options and procedures that can be used to make it right.

Chuck& Deanne

Josh was on time and provided expert service at a fair price. He also left the worksite very clean.

Peter G

They had to reconfigure some existing plumbing. I had a plumbing leak in addition, and they had to reconfigure the setup. They made it much easier to do future repairs on the plumbing and I would definitely use them again.

Joe B

Good work at fair price.

Pipedreams Plumbing came in to our home for a bunch of miscellaneous plumbing tasks. It was probably stuff I could have done my self but we needed it done quickly so we decided to shell out the dough for a plumber. There were like four or five different things including, leaks and some new hardware to install. The fact that they had a bunch of small jobs didn't seem to bother them at all. We have had Josh out before and he is a very capable plumber and knew he would be just fine with the projects.

Ken Z

Pipedreams Plumbing has done a good job every time I've used them. They always come out and get the job done. I think this was the third time they've performed a service for me. This time around our sink was backed up. I called them, scheduled an appointment, they found the problem, and fixed it quickly. They even offered to extend the pipe to make it easier to get to the next time. Pipedreams Plumbing really knows what they are doing. I would recommend them.

Evens W

Pipedreams Plumbing put in several toilets for us. They did a great job.

Dorris L

Pipedreams was recommended to my daughter by a neighbor so we called them up. The guy came and inspected our broken water heater and later came back with a new water heater and installed it. The guy was really good. He came promptly and was really polite and really strong. He carried that new water heater up a flight of stairs himself and carried the old broken one down. It was terribly heavy, and I felt really bad that he did it all by himself. But he was really good, prompt, and clean. He left everything completely tidy and good when he was done. Promptness is not a big item for most people these days. And this guy was really prompt; he was here right on the minute. I'm a very old woman and I'm prompt, so I really appreciated that. And he also explained everything, too. Just very prompt, polite, and efficient. Our neighbor gave the company a high recommendation, and we in turn will certainly do that as well. I cannot think of a single criticism, it was just a really, really good experience. This company is obviously very reliable.

Henderson L

I'm overall very happy with Pipedreams Plumbing. I hired them to come in and diagnose a leak. The plumber was professional and on time. This was my first time using them and I would use them again.

Tom P

Pipedreams Plumbing were excellent. They repaired a water heater for me. They came and thought that they had the problem fixed, but it turns out that they didn't solve it. They came back without charging and said it might be a little thing, but bought another part just in case it was something more. It turned out to be something more, and they charged the third time. They were very conscientious and I felt that they were looking out for my best interests. I'd used them before and I will use them again in the future. Now my water heater is working fine!

T. K

Fast, friendly and efficient service. Would highly recommend!

G. M

Pipedreams Plumbing are very personable and always listen to you. They replaced all my pipes and worked under my kitchen sink to clean my garbage disposal. They also fixed my tankless water heater and put in plumbing for my bathroom. This was my first time using them and would recommend them to anyone. Would use again.

Louie S

I have to say that for the most part I am very happy with the people over at Pipedreams Plumbing. The fellow that came by was very good and knowledgeable. He diagnosed the problem right away and did a good job of fixing it. The only reason why I did not rate these guys higher is that I feel like their rates are too high, too pricey. Other than that though everything else was great.

Cotati D

Pipedreams Plumbing was here for a few minutes to check something in the bathroom. It was the first time we used them and they were on time and very professional. It wasn't a long interaction, but everything turned out fine.

Linda E

Have used Pipedreams Plumbing for a long time. Wouldn't consider changing – they're the best. Responsive, reasonable, friendly and knowledgeable.

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